When we (Not Quite that is) played at our local carnival, there was another band booked to play a set after us. The One Hit Wonders are a ‘bandeoke’ band. Basically they are live karaoke, encouraging people from the audience to come up and be the lead singer, complete with track lyrics and everything.

On Saturday, it was their Children in Need night. I was really keen to go, even though I had been shopping all day and ill the day before so I was feeling very tired. I missed the last gig, and I wasn’t going to miss out again! It was totally worth it. They are great performers, and all really nice, so it was good going. I sang Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars first. I actually broke the band somehow. They had been fine before, but when I went up something went wrong with the bass and all sorts, so I actually sang Just the Way You Are one and a half times… It was good fun. I couldn’t see anything because of the smoke machine XD

Because they are so nice, as I said before, they where keen to get all of us in Not Quite up to do a song. We’d been up individually and in pairs already, but for our last song we all went up and did Forget You by Cee-lo Green. They were impressed, but due to bad mic levels everyone else could only really hear Liberty. It was funny though because she was quite drunk and dancing around everywhere, so I imagine it was good to watch. Drunk Liberty is so funny.

Liberty’s friend Carole came and did a couple of songs and so did my boyfriend. His Sweet Caroline was a bit painful, but he did really well on Brown Eyed Girl and especially awesome at Year 3000. I think it was the Busted jump that he did with it that made it that much more cool XD. I pulled a muscle in my leg dancing along to that with Charlie. Good times.

At the end of the night everyone (bar like, 3 grumpy people, Liberty’s boyfriend included) piled onstage to sing Hey Jude. I only knew the Naaaaa naaaaa bits at the end, but it was fun all the same. It was an awesome night, and I can’t wait for the next gig!

Good thoughts of the week:

Monday: As a present for doing such and awesome maths presentation, mum paid for half of the Lion King Blu-ray boxset for me! The box is sexy and I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Tuesday: Me and Charlie went to Jazz band after school today. It was really fun and a teacher came to tell us we were sounding good already.

Wednesday: My Lion King boxset came today! It is sexy-licious 🙂

Thursday: My stomach still feels a little weird from the bug/food poisoning I had yesterday, but it doesn’t hurt anymore. And I ate. I never eat when I’m ill.

Friday: Because I felt ill I stayed home from school, but Addy helped cheer me up by watching Lion King 1 and 2 with me. And she sung the African bit in the beginning of the Circle of Life.

Saturday: I went shopping with my friend, had a firework party and wen to the One Hit Wonders Children in Need Bandeoke night. It was all awesome.

Sunday: I pretty much spent all day doing a jigsaw puzzle 🙂