It has recently come to my attention that I am quite high maintenance and complain a lot. When I was told this, it made me feel really depressed. Who wants to be thought of as the one who complains all the time? It didn’t make me feel good, and I spent the rest of the day moping (thus proving the point further I should think…) and generally feeling sorry for myself. I wasn’t really having a good day.

I then thought this is silly, instead of feeling sorry for myself, I should just stop complaining and find the good things to think about. With this new motive, I headed into the next day feeling quite good. I then had a really awful day, NOT a good start to my feeling good about myself. However, I am still determined to think more about the good rather than dwelling on the bad. I have also come up with a plan of action. This is how it goes.

1. Every day I am going to think about one good thing that has happened and write it down. (Note to self, find a book to write it in…)

2. I am going to start blogging again. I will write a blog post every Sunday, which includes all of the good things for the week, and anything else I can think of to write. If I think of anything else to write about during the week, I’ll do that too 🙂

3. I will practise piano and drums every day. I’m doing quite well at this already, I have an alarm on my phone that goes off at 5pm and 5.20pm to remind me. However, if I get frustrated at my playing, or other things are going on, I don’t usually play for the full twenty minutes, or my practise isn’t very effective, so I may as well have not bothered. I’m going to change that.

4. I am going to keep on top of my school work so that I get the grades I want to go to my top choice University. I need A*AA if I want to get into Warwick, and although I’m not too worried about my maths, I might struggle with my business grade, so I’m going to keep on top of my work so that it will be easier for me to revise. So far, so good.

5. I am going to practise hard at working on STEP papers (or what I like to call Super Duper Hard Maths Papers) so I get the right grade for Warwick, or so that the entry requirements are slightly lower in my other choices just in case my business grade isn’t quite what I want.

6. I am going to be more creative. I have started trying to write songs again. I’m writing them with the band in mind, so it has stretched me to try and write songs that could sound like proper songs. I’ve written one that we need to put music to, and I am halfway through another. I think it’s good to do something other than work.

7. I’m going to read through the books on my “to be read” list. I’ve recently got back into reading, and have read a few over the past couple of weeks.

8. I’m going to learn to cook. Let’s face it, that’s a pretty fundamental skill which, at the moment, I lack. I can make pie and cheese sandwiches and that’s about it…

9. I’m going to pass my driving test in December.

I may think of some other things, but for now that’s my plan in a nut shell, other than to generally not complain so much.