Last week I wrote a post about making a new, more positive me. I had a plan to be more happy, and I felt really good about it. Until the next day. I don’t know what it was, but I just felt really depressed, and did so for a few days. I just wanted to cry all the time, and did a couple of times in fact. I wrote a song one night when I couldn’t sleep, just trying to work it all out. I don’t know if I’ll post it on here or not. Maybe someday. Then I had a talk with the boyfriend, cried on him for a little bit and felt better. I still don’t know what it was that was wrong, but he made me feel better, and I have been happy pretty much since then, so I thank him for that :).

The rest of the week has been amazing. I’ve had loads of fun with my friends, College has ended for half term, and I am really on top of all of my work, so I don’t have a lot to do over my break. I also asked Charlie to teach me how to practise piano because it was really frustrating me that I was practising every day, but not getting any better. My practising is a lot more efficient now, and I have improved quite a lot I think. I haven’t practised for the last couple of days due to people being round, and then doing a photo shoot at my friends house for part of her Art coursework. I plan to do an extra long practise today though, and then I will get back into the swing of the routine.

Also this week, I have had a reply from all of my University choices saying that they have received my application. I am also one step closer to getting my first job. I am going to attend a recruitment event tomorrow (eep!) and hopefully everything will go alright and I’ll have a job over the Christmas holidays. Suddenly it feels like I’m actually going to have to be a grown up soon.

So, despite the major setback in my Happy Plan at the beginning of the week, I feel pretty good about everything at the moment. I will leave you with my good thoughts for the week.

Monday: My gum doesn’t hurt anymore. Now I can brush my teeth properly. Also, I have finally seen the Phineas and Ferb film. It was awesome!

Tuesday: I had an awesome break time with my friends. For some reason EVERYTHING is funny around them…

Wednesday: I got to snuggle in bed reading with the boyfriend for an extra hour this morning 🙂

Thursday: Last day of school. Need I say more?

Friday: I called Argos to confirm I could attend a recruitment event on Monday. I am one step closer to getting my first job.

Saturday: I had an awesome time at my friend’s house doing our last photo shoot and killing zombies (or not, I wasn’t very good at it XD).

Sunday: I have finished all of my maths homework for over half term. I only have business homework left to do.