Hello everyone! I am Taylor Gilmore, I am 17 years old and I am in my second year of College (get me, I’m like, almost grown up now!). I am studying Maths, Further Maths (yeah… I’m a geek) and Business Studies. I have a brilliant boyfriend who is always mean to me (but makes up for it in how brilliant he is 😉 And yes, he did write that). Next year I am (hopefully!) going to University to study maths (again… geek). It is a very scary thought, but I’m looking forwards to it.

I started this blog because practically everyone in my family has started one. We’re a bit blog crazy. To be honest, we are just crazy, but that’s besides the point… I love ALL of my family. I have a Mimi (mother for all those who are normal), a Step-Daddy, 4 sisters ranging in ages from 23 to 3 years old. Liberty and Ivy can be found in their own little blogs if you want to have a read. The latest addition in my seemingly ever expanding family, is my baby brother (I know, a boy growing up with 5 girls. Poor him!) He is growing into a lovely little boy. Actually he’s rather huge, but he’s still lovely :).

I have several obsessions that sometimes come and go. My main one (which I come back to a LOT) is Disney. Yes that’s right! I am a massive Disney geek! It is sooo much fun. I know far too many of the words to the songs… and the dialogue… It’s all good. I also love Lego. Best. Toy. Ever!

Music is a big part of my life. Being a piano, guitar and drum player, I really appreciate not only the songs themselves, but also the technicality of the music. A good, uplifting key change is always a goer in my books 😛 I am also a fan of funny lyrics and silly rhymes. Check out one of my favourite songs (and inspiration for the title of this blog) and you will see what I mean:

“So many years my heart has waited,

Who’d have thought that love could be so caffeinated?”

Taylor, the Latte Boy – it’s a silly song. I also try and write my own music. I may post some of them on here, so look out for them!

My other main interest is film. Every summer I make a short movie with my family. It is a load of fun writing, filming, editing, and then my favourite part, having a premiere. We have done 5 movies in total, ranging in Spy Movies to a Musical, hitting Fairytale and Horror in between. Oodles of fun!

Well that’s it for now. If you want more, you shall have to read my blog won’t you 😛

P.S. – for those of you who are wondering, Engelbert is the name of my diary, so this blog is like my virtual diary… just slightly more public…