Today I was woken up at very early o’clock (ok, it was 9 o’clock, but that’s early for a Sunday) by my mother after a very strange dream about a spider. Mum asked me if I wanted to go shopping. I needed some smart clothes for when I have interviews and such, so I said yes.

After getting the babies ready and in the car, we went to Tesco in Telford. I managed to find a nice pair of trousers quite quickly, which is rare for me because I am awful at shopping. I never know where to start, what is good or what is just plain ugly. The even rarer thing is that the trousers actually fit me. I’m an odd size, just really too short and skinny for my own good. I couldn’t find a nice top, so we went to find everyone else in the toy section. I found the coolest thing ever there. Are you ready for this.

Yes, that is a Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar. I know it says age 6 – 14, and I’m actually 17, but I don’t care! Star Wars Lego is cool :).

After a quick dash to find another toy for £5 to use our vouchers, we went over to the Town Centre. My Step-Dad took the babies to the park while me and mum went round the shopping centre. We went into Asda first, but I couldn’t find any clothes I liked. We bought some things for a little tea party we were planning for lunch for my Step-Dad’s birthday, and mum went a bit crazy for Pudsey Bear things. The Pudsey Bear Lego is awesome though. We also went into the Puzzle Store, just to have a look. It made me really want to do a jigsaw…

Primark was the next big shop. We managed to get loads of good stuff in there. I found a smart top, a t-shirt, a skull scarf and a load of hair bands. Mission accomplished for me. Mum bought a load of stuff to replace the 3 yr old’s wardrobe and some socks for herself that no one can mistake as their own. Mission accomplished for her.  We headed out then, taking a quick detour round the Works, but then ultimately meeting back up with the rest of the family to go home for our tea party. It was a great day, and I actually had fun shopping for once! That almost never happens.

I will leave you with my good thoughts of the week, that I totally did not have to make up just now because I forgot to write them down from Tuesday onwards…

Monday: I got loads of work done ready for when I revise for Business so I can get my A grade.

Tuesday: I have finished my maths coursework and almost finished my further maths coursework.

Wednesday: I might be going on a shopping trip with my friend to buy going out clothes and a secret santa present. It will be fun.

Thursday: I got an A in a timed Business essay that I hadn’t even completely finished!

Friday: I stayed over at the boyfriend’s house and ate Chinese. Good times.

Saturday: I had a great shopping trip with the boyfriend and his grandparents. I will have a gorgeous new coat and a new book for Christmas. I can’t wait!

Sunday: I had an awesome shopping trip with mum. Now I have smart clothes 🙂