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What’s in a name?

I saw this on Ivy’s blog and thought it looked silly. Naturally I wanted to play 🙂

Taylor Gilmore
2. YOUR GANGSTA NAME (First 3 letters of your first name followed by izzle): Tayizzle
3. YOUR SPY NAME (favorite color and favorite animal): Purple Chameleon (and yes that is my favourite animal purely because of Tangled :))
4. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name): Gilta
5. YOUR SUPERHERO/CRIMINAL NAME (Your 2nd favorite color, and favorite drink): Blue Fanta Fruit Twist
6. YOUR TERRORIST NAME (2nd letter of your first name, 3rd letter of your last name, 1st letter of your last name, 2nd letter of your mom’s maiden name, 1st letter of a siblings first name, and last letter of your mom’s middle name): Algoce
7. YOUR WITNESS PROTECTION NAME (parents middle names): Christine Geoffrey
8. YOUR GOTH NAME (dark, and the name of one of your pets: Dark Arthur (He was my favourite fish. He didn’t have tail…)

That’s it pretty much. A bit of silly fun.


Monday: I caught myself up with the maths work I missed on Friday.

Tuesday: I had a really good driving lesson. I did independent driving and I have finally got bay parking down!

Wednesday: Me and mum did part of a jigsaw together like we used to.

Thursday: I got 17/20 (an A) on the timed essay we did in business last week.

Friday: Me and my friends dressed up as school girls for Children in Need. It was fun.

Saturday: I woke up to a “good morning beautiful” which always starts my day well.

Sunday: Me and mum have been preparing a lot of apples to put in pies and crumbles. I feel a lot of good puddings are on the way.

Children in Need Bandeoke

When we (Not Quite that is) played at our local carnival, there was another band booked to play a set after us. The One Hit Wonders are a ‘bandeoke’ band. Basically they are live karaoke, encouraging people from the audience to come up and be the lead singer, complete with track lyrics and everything.

On Saturday, it was their Children in Need night. I was really keen to go, even though I had been shopping all day and ill the day before so I was feeling very tired. I missed the last gig, and I wasn’t going to miss out again! It was totally worth it. They are great performers, and all really nice, so it was good going. I sang Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars first. I actually broke the band somehow. They had been fine before, but when I went up something went wrong with the bass and all sorts, so I actually sang Just the Way You Are one and a half times… It was good fun. I couldn’t see anything because of the smoke machine XD

Because they are so nice, as I said before, they where keen to get all of us in Not Quite up to do a song. We’d been up individually and in pairs already, but for our last song we all went up and did Forget You by Cee-lo Green. They were impressed, but due to bad mic levels everyone else could only really hear Liberty. It was funny though because she was quite drunk and dancing around everywhere, so I imagine it was good to watch. Drunk Liberty is so funny.

Liberty’s friend Carole came and did a couple of songs and so did my boyfriend. His Sweet Caroline was a bit painful, but he did really well on Brown Eyed Girl and especially awesome at Year 3000. I think it was the Busted jump that he did with it that made it that much more cool XD. I pulled a muscle in my leg dancing along to that with Charlie. Good times.

At the end of the night everyone (bar like, 3 grumpy people, Liberty’s boyfriend included) piled onstage to sing Hey Jude. I only knew the Naaaaa naaaaa bits at the end, but it was fun all the same. It was an awesome night, and I can’t wait for the next gig!

Good thoughts of the week:

Monday: As a present for doing such and awesome maths presentation, mum paid for half of the Lion King Blu-ray boxset for me! The box is sexy and I can’t wait for it to arrive!

Tuesday: Me and Charlie went to Jazz band after school today. It was really fun and a teacher came to tell us we were sounding good already.

Wednesday: My Lion King boxset came today! It is sexy-licious 🙂

Thursday: My stomach still feels a little weird from the bug/food poisoning I had yesterday, but it doesn’t hurt anymore. And I ate. I never eat when I’m ill.

Friday: Because I felt ill I stayed home from school, but Addy helped cheer me up by watching Lion King 1 and 2 with me. And she sung the African bit in the beginning of the Circle of Life.

Saturday: I went shopping with my friend, had a firework party and wen to the One Hit Wonders Children in Need Bandeoke night. It was all awesome.

Sunday: I pretty much spent all day doing a jigsaw puzzle 🙂


Today I was woken up at very early o’clock (ok, it was 9 o’clock, but that’s early for a Sunday) by my mother after a very strange dream about a spider. Mum asked me if I wanted to go shopping. I needed some smart clothes for when I have interviews and such, so I said yes.

After getting the babies ready and in the car, we went to Tesco in Telford. I managed to find a nice pair of trousers quite quickly, which is rare for me because I am awful at shopping. I never know where to start, what is good or what is just plain ugly. The even rarer thing is that the trousers actually fit me. I’m an odd size, just really too short and skinny for my own good. I couldn’t find a nice top, so we went to find everyone else in the toy section. I found the coolest thing ever there. Are you ready for this.

Yes, that is a Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar. I know it says age 6 – 14, and I’m actually 17, but I don’t care! Star Wars Lego is cool :).

After a quick dash to find another toy for £5 to use our vouchers, we went over to the Town Centre. My Step-Dad took the babies to the park while me and mum went round the shopping centre. We went into Asda first, but I couldn’t find any clothes I liked. We bought some things for a little tea party we were planning for lunch for my Step-Dad’s birthday, and mum went a bit crazy for Pudsey Bear things. The Pudsey Bear Lego is awesome though. We also went into the Puzzle Store, just to have a look. It made me really want to do a jigsaw…

Primark was the next big shop. We managed to get loads of good stuff in there. I found a smart top, a t-shirt, a skull scarf and a load of hair bands. Mission accomplished for me. Mum bought a load of stuff to replace the 3 yr old’s wardrobe and some socks for herself that no one can mistake as their own. Mission accomplished for her.  We headed out then, taking a quick detour round the Works, but then ultimately meeting back up with the rest of the family to go home for our tea party. It was a great day, and I actually had fun shopping for once! That almost never happens.

I will leave you with my good thoughts of the week, that I totally did not have to make up just now because I forgot to write them down from Tuesday onwards…

Monday: I got loads of work done ready for when I revise for Business so I can get my A grade.

Tuesday: I have finished my maths coursework and almost finished my further maths coursework.

Wednesday: I might be going on a shopping trip with my friend to buy going out clothes and a secret santa present. It will be fun.

Thursday: I got an A in a timed Business essay that I hadn’t even completely finished!

Friday: I stayed over at the boyfriend’s house and ate Chinese. Good times.

Saturday: I had a great shopping trip with the boyfriend and his grandparents. I will have a gorgeous new coat and a new book for Christmas. I can’t wait!

Sunday: I had an awesome shopping trip with mum. Now I have smart clothes 🙂

The fourth Stephen King book I read was actually written by King’s pseudonym Richard Bachman. The book is called Blaze, and this is what the blurb says:

Clayton Blaisdell’s capers are strictly small time until he meets George Rackley. With Blaze’s brawn and George’s brains, they pull off a hundred successful cons. Then George plans the one big score every small timer dreams of: kidnapping the heir to a family fortune.

The trouble is that by the time the deal goes down, the brains of the operation has died. Or has he?

Now Blaze is running into the white hell of the Maine woods with a baby as hostage. The crime of the century just turned into a race against time…

I really enjoyed this book. I thought the main character, Blaze, was very loveable, despite kidnapping a 6 month old baby, and I liked how you could see how his mind worked through the narrative. To be honest I was more interested in the flashbacks to see how Blaze ended up where he is today, but I wanted to see how his story played out, so it only took me a few days to read. I’m not sure if it is just because it was mentioned in the ‘Full Disclosure’ at the beginning of my copy of the book, but this story reminded me a lot of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men. The main character is abnormally big and strong, and because of mental problems, can’t control their strength or know right from wrong and get into trouble because of it. I don’t think it helps that the ‘smart one’ of the team is called George in both books either XD. Although this isn’t a horror, there is a slight supernatural element that presents itself in the form of Blaze hearing advice from a dead friend. Is it just his imagination? Who knows. I liked it though.

As I am running out of things to say (in case you hadn’t noticed, writing isn’t my strong point…) I am going to end my review there. I don’t know which one I’m going to read next. I have a lot of books on my list.