I am trying to install an updated version of Microsoft Office on my laptop, and it is proving very difficult, so I’m not going to have time to write a proper post. I’ll just write my good thoughts of the week, and then write a proper post tomorrow.

Monday: I went to the Argos recruitment event. I think I did well, and I had fun. Just have to wait for a phone call now.

Tuesday: My friend came round and we basically watched films all day. Plus she let me borrow a load of DVDs.

Wednesday: I got a conditional offer from Liverpool University. Just waiting to hear back from the other four now.

Thursday: I got to stay with Ivy in Northampton 🙂 We made Enchiladas and watched Thursday night TV.

Friday: Me and Ivy went shopping. I got a new book, a hat to make her look like Edith from Despicable Me (don’t ask) and series 1 & 2 of How I Met Your Mother on DVD. It was legen- wait for it… -DARY!

Saturday: I presented my maths presentation and everyone liked it 🙂

Sunday: I had a great time at the boyfriend’s house for Sunday Lunch. I even ate a normal (mostly) sized plate of food!