The third Stephen King book I chose to read was The Dark Half. I actually read this book months ago, but for some reason or other, my blogging stopped, and I didn’t write the review. This review probably won’t be very long, as I have read a lot of other books since, and can’t remember everything that happened. This is what the blurb says.

Thad Beaumont is a writer. In the not-too-distant past the literary press was full of critical acclaim for his work. Then he hit a period of difficulty with his writing, and he invented George Stark. At first, Stark was a bit of fun, a pseudonym, complete with sinister author biography, under which Thad could create violent and commercial thrillers. But the thrillers became bestsellers and soon Stark was earning far more money than Beaumont, and Beaumont was creating nothing at all.

But now Thad is feeling better. The father of infant twins, he’s beginning to write for himself again. He no longer needs George Stark, and somehow relieved that the game is over, he announces that Stark will write no more. He even “buries” him, with a specially made headstone, for a magazine photo-feature.

Which is all very funny and a happy ending to a lucrative but strange period in the life of Thad and Liz Beaumont. Except for one thing. George Stark doesn’t want to die. Impossibly, terrifyingly, in an orgy of violence, he appears to have returned – a killing machine intent on destroying anything and everything that stands between him and the man who created him…

Despite the best part of this book being right at the beginning in the prologue when Thad has an eyeball removed from his brain, I enjoyed reading this book. The character of George Stark is very brutal with the way he kills (gory deaths are always more fun in my books) and I like the mystery and supernatural elements of the plot. I also liked how the sparrows appear from beginning to end and their final role is quite creepy (I won’t tell you what they do, you’ll have to read that for yourself). Since reading the book I watched the film, which again the best bit was right at the beginning. I thought the book was better than the film, it went on a bit long and I recall my boyfriend fell asleep about half way through.

Sorry for the kind of lame review. My review of Blaze should (hopefully) be better as I only read it last week. It’s a bit fresher in the mind :).