My mum tagged me in this a while ago, but I never got round to doing it. The idea is to complete the sentences with things that apply to you. So here is my blank filling.

I am… currently feeling like there is an ivisible man trying to push my eyes into my skull. Not a pleasant feeling..

The bravest thing I’ve ever done… is playing at an Open Mic night in the local pub. I had only been in there once previously for my boyfriend’s dad’s birthday, and the owners asked me to play at their Open Mic the next Wednesday. I had been on the karaoke and playing guitar, so that wasn’t a completely out of the blue question, but that was when there was only really family in there. I’d never played in front of complete strangers before. It was scary, but I had a lot of fun, and now I go quite a lot.

I feel prettiest… when I get dressed up in my nice dresses, and Ivy does my hair differently than me just brushing it.

Something that keeps me awake at night… when I’m excited about something. I just keep thinking about it over and over, so my poor brain doesn’t get any sleep.

My favourite meal is… nachos. Tortilla chips, salsa sauce, cheese and refried beans. What could be better?!

The way to my heart is… doing small things to impress me, which other people wouldn’t really think of, without really trying. Things like, remembering about a film I wanted to see, or knowing that I really like a certain song. Silly things like that. 🙂

I would like to be… healthy again for one. This cold is just getting annoying… I would also like to be a ninja because, let’s face it, ninja’s are cool.