Before Christmas, me, my younger sister and Liberty were supposed to go shopping with our father for our Christmas present. We were going to go to a music shop in Chester because we wanted some new stuff for the band, and music is something we are all interested in. I was quite looking forward to it, because music shops are one of my favourite places to go to. However, our plans were cancelled because of the snow in Germany which meant he couldn’t get a flight here. We finally got to go yesterday.

After parking in the wrong car park, we had to walk like, 100 miles to get to the actual shop in the town centre. The shop was quite nice, and there were a lot of shiny things to look at. I didn’t know where to start looking! My younger sister needed a strap for her bass guitar, so Liberty suggested we start there. I love looking at the guitar straps because there are a load of really cool ones now. I already have a cool one that I got for Christmas (it has aliens on it :)) so I didn’t look for long. After that, we had a good look around, and, with the help of the very nice music man, found a few good things for the band. We got an extra microphone and stand and Liberty found me a mountable tambourine to put on my drums. It’s really cool, but I can’t work out how it goes on. I’m just waiting for my step-dad to get home from Brighton so I can see if he can work it out! He’s good at that sort of thing :). My younger sister got a load of cool stuff for her bass, so we did pretty well. I was a bit disappointed by the small range of music books, but we did manage to find 3 good ones. We now have volumes 2 and 3 of Glee, and an animated themes book. I really like that one, because it has some good music in it *cough*Best Day Ever from Spongebob*cough* πŸ˜€

We didn’t spend anywhere near our budget in the music shop, so we went into HMV afterwards. That was even better. I don’t really like looking for CDs, because I don’t know where to start, or where to look in general, but I managed to find a load of CDs I wanted. Liberty already has the Ellie Goulding – Lights album, but we found a new release of it, with extra songs. I just thought, seeing as how it has more songs on it, that is a good enough excuse for me to get it. Thanks to my boyfriend, I have literally in the last few days gotten really into Michael Buble. I knew we had one of his CDs, so after a quick phone call to Ivy, I managed to find 3 of his CDs that we didn’t have. They are a-may and ZING! My last CD was the Chicago soundtrack because, lets face it, it rules :). The coolest CD is by far the Pushing Daisies Soundtrack my younger sister got. The CD has a pie on it!

How cool is that?!

After a quick whizz around the Game store (we bought a Marvel Comics game, but Liberty has stolen it…. grr) we had lunch at Wetherspoons and then headed home. All in all it was a pretty good day. There were some awkward moments like when we had to refer to our father, but didn’t want to call him ‘dad’, but it was better than when we last met up, so that was good.

I have now spent the entire day listening to all of my new music. It’s very exciting. I was also trying to finish off the DVD for the film we made in the summer (yes, that long ago). There was a moment of despair when the program crashed and I lost nearly everything I had done during the day, but doing it a second time was quicker. I now need to decide if I want to make a blooper reel before I finish it off. I need to pick a song for it… hmmm I don’t have any music now do I πŸ˜›