Getting back into the school routine is one of the hardest things ever. After lots of late nights and lazy mornings, having to get up at 7.15 for a full day’s work just seems like a crime. It is especially difficult after the Christmas holidays, I think, because you are so busy during the holiday, that it actually feels like you need an extra week to recover from your break. It’s especially difficult for me, and anyone else my age, because I have exams starting next week, and I think I have forgotten everything over Christmas.

We went back to school on Tuesday. I find it easy to wake up early on the first day for some reason. By Wednesday, however, I was back to wishing I didn’t have to get out of my nice, warm and snuggly bed. That may have partly been to do with the fact that I was going to do a whole day of Critical Thinking that day. Fun times… But after thinking critically all day, we got to go to a local pub, the Joiner’s Arms, to do open mic night. It was a lot of fun, but would have been better if my younger sister had an amp to plug her bass into. Without it, she didn’t want to perform because she says she doesn’t like standing there like an idiot and just singing. Me and Ivy rocked it out together though, and got praised by a lot of very drunk people. At least, I think it was praise. They were VERY drunk, and I couldn’t understand a word they said XD.

Of course, playing open mic meant I was very tired the next day. Thursday was the night of my GCSE presentation evening. Strictly speaking, I wasn’t even invited… either time it was organized. It was supposed to be some time before Christmas, but I didn’t get an invitation. I spent a whole day chasing one I asked reception to make for me round school, only to find (after I had finally found it) that the evening was postponed because of the snow. I didn’t get an invitation the second time round either, but my boyfriend had a spare one, so he gave me that. The actual evening was quite nice. It went on a bit, and it would have gone on even longer if more people had turned up. I swear there were more people not there than there were who actually got awards. I got one for being a Maths geek :). My favourite bit was when my sister, Liberty, did her speech. It was really good, and funny. Either that, or the biscuits. They were made of yum. I didn’t like trying to wrestle her massive bouquet of flowers into her car though. It proved very difficult.

By Friday was so tired, I was ready to sleep by about 3pm, so me and my boyfriend watched Little Shop of Horrors. It was a good way to end a tiring week :). Next week my exams start. I have Business Studies and Critical Thinking on Monday, and ICT on Thursday, so I am going to be spending my free time revising. Yippee… XD