Christmas this year was… odd. Normally, we have a load of little family traditions, like going out to get the Christmas Tree, and making reindeer food and silly little things like that. This year, the only traditional thing I did was watch Edward Scissorhands on the 23rd, and Nightmare Before Christmas on the 24th. I think a lot of the things we couldn’t do because of the snow, but that by no means ruined Christmas. I actually think it turned out to be one of the best ever.

On Christmas Eve, mum gave us ‘Not-so-secret’ Santa pyjamas so we all had nice new pyjamas to wake up in on Christmas Day. I had actually already gotten a pair of pyjamas as a present from my boyfriend (they have Spongebob on!) so mum got me new slipper socks. They have penguins on :).

On Christmas Day, we kept up the tradition of waking up ridiculously early (I’m 16 years old, 7.15 is ridiculously early in my books) and my two younger sisters joined me and Ivy in our room to open our stocking presents. We didn’t get any toothbrushes or toothpaste this year (which I was gutted about, we’d run out of toothpaste XD) but we got some really nice little presents. I particularly liked the Manga Paint By Numbers set, it just looked cool.

We then started making breakfast for the family, and went upstairs with hot drinks to wake the parents while the part baked rolls were cooking. We spent a long time watching the 2 year old opening her stocking presents, and testing each one before going onto the next.

Our Christmas Dinner was fantastic. Mum had made these little pies for everyone, Mushroom Melts for those that like mushroom, and Non-mushroom Melts (or Quorn in some kind of tomato-ey sauce) for those that don’t. We all ate so much that after dinner half of us practically passed out on the sofa. The 2 year old actually went to sleep wrapped up in her blanket on the floor. It was so cute!

Every year, mum says “I’m not going to get you many presents this year” and every year she ends up cracking and buying us a load of little things despite us all saying “yeah that’s fine, we don’t mind”. This year, she kept to her word. We knew there weren’t going to be as many presents this year because the snow and having 2 babies to look after made it difficult to actually go shopping. She wanted to go to Boots and buy us presents from there because she won £1000 worth in Boots Advantage Cards points, but again, the snow meant she could only go to the small one in town. The presents that she did manage to get were great though. I didn’t even know she’d been to a music shop, so I wasn’t expecting half of mine. I got a really cool guitar strap with aliens on it and some new drum sticks that I was going to get when we went shopping with our biological father, but the tripped was cancelled because the snow in Germany meant he couldn’t get a flight out of Portugal. So I was really happy that I got those things anyway :). It turned out we actually had a load of presents to open anyway just because of the toys mum was sent to review from Toys R Us. We knew what half of them were, but it was nice to see the 2 year old getting excited about “more prey-ents!!”

And of course, the Doctor Who Christmas special did not let us down. So yes, our Christmas was different, but I think it was one of the best ever.


Now onto New Years. I’m not going to lie, I normally find New Years really boring. We usually just sit around waiting for it to be midnight, say Happy New Year, then go to bed. All of our excitment is used up during the day as it is also my younger sister’s birthday on the 31st December. This year, something was different. I’m still not sure what it is, but it was awesome.

One of our Christmas presents was a Harry Potter Lego board game. Mum thought we should play that to kill some time. A lot of time was used up trying to build it. It was very funny. Mum said that it was nice, because it was showing perfectly our different characters. I was taking charge following the instructions and actually building the board, my younger sister was sorting all the pieces  into groups of the same pieces and colours, Ivy was playing silly games with the pieces she had, and my mum was hoarding her bag, waiting for me to need one of her pieces, and getting very excited when I did! When we got to playing the actual game, it was quite complicated to start with, but we soon got the hang of it, and were getting very giggly about it.  In the end, I won with my awesome mad skills, and because of the fact mum had blocked herself from getting back to her common room. It was an aweome game.

When it came to midnight, we left of a Chinese fire lantern with some wishes written on it for the New Year. Mine was to lose my stupid inability to not be able to eat when I go out places with other people. After we had successfully released our lantern, we saw loads of others floating in the sky. It was really magical. Me and Ivy then spent ages playing with the rest of the Lego we have. We are such children :).

So all that is left are my New Years Resolutions. I don’t think I have ever been able to keep one going more than a month, but this year I have several, so at least one of them should last until halfway through February 😛

  1. To blog at least once a week. I have been awful since I started really. I tried posting every day, but when I couldn’t think of something to write, it put me off, so I ended up posting less than once a month. That’s gonna change.
  2. Practise my instruments more. I play a lot of guitar because it is right by my bed, and it is easy to play what I want to. I hardly ever practise piano, and I only ever play drums with my sister, so I’m going to start practising the stuff for my lessons.
  3. Make videos. I bought Final Cut Studio to make a summer movie with my family, but since then I haven’t really used it. My mum is on the Mac a lot because of competitions and the fact her computer sends out dodgy emails whenever it is turned on, so I don’t really get much chance to use it. But if I actually start getting footage to edit, I’ll have a proper reason to use it, and she’ll let me on… I hope. I want to make videos of me doing songs, but also maybe other things. Not sure what yet though.
  4. Learn another instrument. I love playing music, and I love being able to play it on different instruments, so I want to widen my choices.

That is all I think. So Happy New Year. I hope 2011 is as good as 2010 was for me 🙂