Oh me, oh my this has been an eventful day. First of all, we got up early (well, half 9ish) so we could get ready to go sailing. I just went online to tell my loverly boyfriend what time we were going to pick him up, when I got an email from YouTube. One of the people who had entered the Taylor Swift Mine Video Competition had commented on my video saying “congrats on winning!” At this point I think my jaw actually hit the floor. I hadn’t seen anywhere that I’d won, so I asked her. She said it was on the description of the new video that had been put up, but that video was blocked, so I couldn’t see it. Ridiculous, I know. I told her this, so she copied and pasted what the description said to me. This is what it said:

Fan video for Taylor Swift’s Mine competition. Thank you so much to everyone who entered! Your videos are great. You all put so much effort in. Hope you like the finished edit. This video will available on the CD single of ‘Mine’ so make sure you get yourself a copy!

Congratulations to Squidgeyful who is the winner of the signed guitar! We will be contacting you shortly.

Squidgeyful… That’s me…


I was so excited. Me and mum spent ages just talking about it. It was mostly me going “NO WAY!!!” a lot. All of the excitement from the news of me winning a signed Taylor Swift guitar (ahhhhhh!) meant that we were actually an hour later going sailing than we originally planned. The original plan was only made at 10 o’clock this morning though, so it didn’t really matter. Plus, it was totally worth it to wait and find out what the video said. 🙂

When we finally did get to the sailing club, it was great because it was the first time my boyfriend had ever gone sailing, so it was a sport that I was better than him at. 😀 No it was good though. Because our boat isn’t big enough for four people, my step-dad rented another boat for him and my younger sister to sail in, while we went in the Flying Fifteen. It was the first time I’d ever sailed it on my own, although it wasn’t long before I wasn’t technically on my own anymore. My boyfriend did a very good job of being my crew. He didn’t much like it when the boat tipped a bit, but he had fun overall. He actually asked if he could go again, so I think that was a thumbs up from him!

It wasn’t so good when we swapped boats. Our Flying Fifteen is a great boat because it is nice and high out of the water, and it is quite narrow, so you don’t have to go far to swap sides. The other boat we tried (a Feva, I think) was a lot shallower, and wider. I kept falling over… And there was a load of water in the boat so I got wet. And we nearly capsized… several times… in 10 minutes. It was funny. XD All in all, I like our Flying Fifteen a lot better than the other one. Even if it is covered in spiders. 🙂