Ok, so it’s finally the 11th October! I’ve been having trouble thinking of something to write these past few days (hence the complete lack in posts), but today, it is all very exciting :). All day I had been going on the Ultimate Family Hero website, hoping that this time the new video would finally be up. (I don’t really have much to do in my free lessons…) Each time, however, there was no such luck. It was still the same video we had submitted sometime in the past few months (I’m not really sure when, time has seemed to blur for me). It wasn’t until about 6 o’clock when I went on again just to check that I saw it was a bit different. The new video was up!! I was so excited. I watched it, then the other two, then our one again. Then I went downstairs to make sure mum had seen and watched it again twice. It is so cool! Those PR people did a good job of filming our Perfect Party. And the voice over man said that we have the X-Factor, which is just a bonus! XD

So now everyone is all crazy sharing links on facebook to the video, trying to get everyone to vote for Superpops and Nana. I’m just having a lot of fun with the whole thing. It probably won’t affect us much if we win the car, because it’s my Auntie that actually entered, but it would still be really cool. Now all that’s left is to wait until the 7th November when the voting closes. (I promise I will post between now and then :P).

Oh yeah, and I’ll let you see the video too 🙂

If you want to vote, please do it through this link 🙂


Superpops and Nana, my Nan and Grandad 🙂 xxx