Oops, I haven’t posted in ages. And I was doing so well! I had 2 days in a row… 🙂 I guess I just had too much to write about I didn’t know where to begin.

On Saturday we had a film crew come round our house to film a party we were having as part of the Volkswagen Ultimate Family Hero competition. That’s my Nan and Grandad on there 🙂 The party was a surprise party for my little cousin dressed up to be a party for Superpops and Nana. It was mad having a film crew following us round everywhere. We were told to just act natural, which ended up with me saying “I don’t know what milk smells like” on camera. I meant off milk, but it didn’t come out right. I didn’t even know the camera was on me at that point!

Besides it being generally fun to have a party (parties are always fun in our house :)) it was good because it gave our band a chance to play our own stuff. We weren’t allowed to do covers, so we wrote 4 original songs. My cousin managed to make everyone cry when we performed the song she wrote for Nan and Grandad. Then we were all still crying when we played the surprise birthday song for the birthday girl. Her joyous tears were so sweet! We even managed to get the sound man to tear up (he was the nicest man ever!)

By the end of the party, we were so tired that we were crashed on the sofas, considering going to bed… at 7.30pm… It was mad! I had a really good day though. Our family get togethers are always amazing. Adding a camera crew just made it even more crazy than usual! I can’t wait to see the final video they put together. Bring on 11th October!

Superpops and Nan with the grandkids 🙂