I have decided that I want to start writing songs again. I went through a phase of writing them a lot. Well, ok, I wrote like 5 in quick succession, but that’s more than most people! I haven’t written any in ages, and since we are starting to play original songs as a band now, I want to be able to give the band a song I have written to try. Most of my songs don’t seem like real songs to me. They are too specific to just one aspect of my own life to be relatable to anyone but maybe my family members. For instance, I wrote a song for my Naming Day (sort of like a Christening, but not religious). My whole family loved the song, but it wouldn’t be any good for anyone else because it doesn’t relate them at all.

My first job will be to actually get an idea for a song. That’s the hardest bit. Once you’ve got the basis of an idea, that narrows down what you can actually say in the song. Until then, there is an infinite amount of lyrics you could use. Finding the best ones for the message you want to put across is hard as well, especially if you want it to rhyme. The rhyming is my favourite bit. A good rhyme always feels very satisfying. 🙂 Adding the music is always fun because it just brings the whole song together. I might not bother with the music so much as we can do that together as a band. Last time we wanted to add music, my cousin said “I like Bm7” and then the rest just followed from there. As long as I get an idea of how I want it to sound, we should be good.

I am going to go to bed and think of some ideas. I find that it’s easier to think of song ideas when I’m lying in bed in the middle of the night. Either that or when I’m in the shower. In bed is better though, because then I can write my ideas down in my super duper uber-ly awesome notebook that I use to write songs. It has Jack Skellington on it, and it is shiny and purple. 🙂 In fact, here is a picture. I haven’t used pictures in my blog yet.

It is so shiny, it is reflecting the light from my laptop screen XD.

Well that is all from me. Good night!