Argh, I’ve had bloggers block! I haven’t been able to think of anything interesting to write since Tuesday. It’s not like nothing has happened, I just haven’t known how to make it interesting for other people to read and not just blabbering on randomly. On Wednesday my Nan and Grandad had a photo shoot in our house to make them look like superheroes. It was part of a competition my Aunt has entered. I was there when the photographers came, but I managed to miss the actual phot shoot because I was ill in bed… ‘Twas a bit annoying but oh well. On Thursday I spent practically the whole day in bed because I was still ill. I managed to watch most of the first series of Gilmore Girls, so it was worth it :). Yesterday I spent the day with my step-dad manning a safety boat for the junior racing day at our sailing club. It was fun, I got to drive :).

Today I had a lot of fun. As part of the competition I talked about earlier, we have to hold a party on the 2nd of October and have a film crew video the whole thing (how cool is that?) The competition people are very interested in our band, Her Bandana Dreams, so we started practising our set list. We were told the other day that we aren’t allowed to do any covers, so we have to use all original songs. We haven’t actually done this as a band yet, but we had a lot of fun putting them together today. We are using one of mine (Life is a Movie), a song Liberty wrote (which we only put the music to today in like, 2 minutes. I like it, I get to play the drums standing up XD), a song for our Nan and Grandad written by my cousin, and a group effort (but mostly written by my younger sister) the Grandad song. It’s actually not about Grandad at all, but Mimi called it that when she nearly spilled the beans to my younger cousin that it was her surprise birthday song. I discovered during all the practise, that I actually really like playing the electric guitar. Ivy never uses hers, so I have adopted it. She doesn’t know this of course, but she won’t mind… in theory. I am going to try and learn some tabs so I can play more than just the opening to Got Dynamite by Demi Lovato, and the opening bit of The Gospel Truth I from Hercules.