I never realised how hard it is to not look bored when you are singing. I’m not very good at it, but I at least have some ideas for what to do for my competition video. Ok, I’m not very good at those either, but hey! Practise makes perfect. It involves a lot of using my drum sticks as various different props; air drumming, air guitar, microphone… I also do standing up air drumming (because I’m that cool ;P) and I have to dance around, which is the bit I’m not very good at… at the moment :). Then at the end my boyfriend comes running in and spins me round, just to add a bit of cheese in the mix. Although when we were doing a run-through earlier, he nearly rugby tackled me to the floor. It was rather funny.

As well as air drumming, I have decided I need to do more real drumming practise. Partly because I don’t do any practise normally, and partly because my new drum teacher kind of scares me. He’s very nice, but also quite scary. I think it’s his very thick French accent. But he’s actually given me something (well three things actually) to practise, so I’m going to try my very bestest to do some practise every day 🙂 I’ve even dug out my old practise pad that I hardly used so I can practise in my room and without waking the entire house!

I also need to learn to spin a drum stick, because let’s face it, that is too cool. YouTube here I come!