Do you want to know what I did today? I spent pretty much the whole day writing a Business Studies essay. I got major writer’s block, it wasn’t good. Plus Facebook kept distracting me. Between finding out which Saw trap I would die in (the pendulam trap if you wanted to know) and making a playlist for my lufferly sister Ivy, I did manage, in the end, to write most of the essay. I just need to bulk it up a bit to get it between 600 and 800 words. I’m on 521 at the moment, so I’m nearly there!

As Sunday is Mimi and Daddy’s dancing night, I got to babysit the two-year-old while sister number 3 looked after the baby brother. We spent the whole time on YouTube watching random things like “This is my idea” from Swan Princess to “Psycho Potato” (which she likes to call the “er er er song”) Then we watched the end of Lion King 2, complete with lion hugs, and got ready for bed. I read her “Harry and the Dinosaurs go to the museum” (I think it’s called…) while she was snuggled up in bed. Of course as soon as I left she got out again and opened the blind, the little pest, but she soon settled down to sleep. That’s another virtual £5 to put up on the board 🙂