So! I’m finally writing my first proper blog post. How exciting 😀

Ivy has gone back to University today, so has moved out of our room. It feels very empty right now, except for the trail of destruction left by the two-year-old terror this morning. DVDs and videos ALL over the floor. There is a TV as well, but that was my fault… I was trying to get my PS3 to work because Ivy has taken her TV back with her. Grrr 😛

Things on my agenda today are:

* Sort out my room

* Get the consoles up and running again

* Get the DVDs and videos back where they belong…

* Watch Brother Bear and Bugsy Malone with my loverly boyfriend (he picked XD)

And I suppose I had better get started with my Business Studies essay as it is due on Tuesday. I need to finish a report for Monday as well. Isn’t College fun… 2 weeks in and I already have two Business assignments, have finished one for ICT and a load of Maths homework. Plus I swear I have six different Maths books AND textbooks. Luckily I only ever need to carry two of each at a time.

That is all for now. I shall leave you and get on with some Business. Yipee 😛